2023 Doctors of the Year Celebrate the top pediatric healthcare workers of the year

Above and Beyond Doctor of the Year Doctor of the Year Nominees

This annual award recognizes physicians whose dedication, talents, and skills have improved the lives of countless childhood patients. We proudly celebrate these doctors and their goodness and invite you to enjoy viewing their award’s evening video.

Let's Dance for the Heart of It!


Pete Anderson Cleveland Clinic - Oncology
Christine Heubi CCHMC - Otolarynology
Dr. Haleh Heydarian CCHMC - Cardiology
Patrick Ruck CCHMC - Dentistry
Michael Rutter CCHMC-ENT
Brian Vanderbrink CCHMC Urology
Susan Wiley Attending Ddbp downs

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Please leave comments of support and appreciation for these doctors working to make the lives of sick children and their families a little more bearable. These heroes work tirelessly to provide the healthcare and support our children need, and any words of encouragement would really be appreciated by us at the Aubrey Rose Foundation.

If you have any personal well-wishes or experiences with any of these doctors, please leave a comment below, and if you could bold or highlight the name of the doctor as your commenting to further spur conversation about these wonderful heroes, that would be wonderful!

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