The Aubrey Rose Foundation Scholarships


We believe that humanity begins in children and their realization of how valuable their actions, words, or even a smile can be toward individual growth and to the everyday well-being of the people surrounding them. In memory of Aubrey Rose Hollenkamp, we follow through our mission of carrying out the positive impact she had made on so many people by helping children and families who have also made a positive impact on the people around them.

2022 Scholarship Reception

Click here to see photos from the 2022 Scholarship Reception Dinner.

Since 2001

Since 2001, we have organized a children’s educational scholarship program in honor of Aubrey Rose. Aubrey made such a difference in many people’s lives within her three short years here on this earth. To honor her and her achievements, we base our scholarships on a child’s kindness and willingness to give back to our community. Our scholarships are for those students who have a compassionate heart, unlike other scholarships that are based on academics or athletic ability.

How do you become a recipient of an Aubrey Rose Hollenkamp Scholarship? Scholarship applicants submit an essay and are judged by a panel consisting of the student’s school staff members, a Scholarship Committee, Aubrey’s grandparent, Nancy Frondorf, Aubrey’s parents, Jerry and Nancy Hollenkamp, and Aubrey’s sister and brother, Carly and Spencer.

In 2007

In 2007, we decided to reward those scholarship recipients and their families with the “Above and Beyond” Award which signifies those that have stayed connected with us and continually help us out after their freshman year of school. We’re very honored to have some shining stars amongst our scholarship families, and we wanted to reward them with $1000 for their next year of school.

Here is the breakdown of how many scholarships have been given out to date:

5 Scholarships for 2002 7 Scholarships to date
9 Scholarships for 2003 16 Scholarships to date
10 Scholarships for 2004 26 Scholarships to date
18 Scholarships for 2005 44 Scholarships to date
25 Scholarships for 2006 69 Scholarships to date
26 + 1 Above and Beyond for 2007 96 Scholarships to date
27 + 1 Above and Beyond for 2008 124 Scholarships to date
29 + 1 Above and Beyond for 2009 154 Scholarships to date
34 + 2 Above and Beyond for 2010 190 Scholarships to date
36 + 2 Above and Beyond for 2011 228 Scholarships to date
31 + 1 Above and Beyond for 2012 260 Scholarships to date
13 + 2 Above and Beyond for 2013 275 Scholarships to date
35 + 1 Above and Beyond for 2014 311 Scholarships to date
34 Scholarships for 2015 345 Scholarships to date
35 Scholarships for 2016 380 Scholarships to date
35 Scholarships for 2017 415 Scholarships to date
35 Scholarships for 2018 450 Scholarships to date
35 Scholarships for 2019 485 Scholarships to date
35 Scholarships for 2021 520 Scholarships to date
11 + 1 Above and Beyond for 2022 532 Scholarships to date
14 Scholarships for 2023 546 Scholarships to date


The scholarships are given out to the students at their graduation or their awards ceremonies where the parents are invited. This is an extremely important piece of our scholarship presentation so that the parents are surprised along with the scholarship recipient to hear their name being recognized for them having a kindheart. A scholarship reception is held each year to honor the students.

To see scholarship reception information, scholarship winners and their essays, CLICK HERE.


To apply for the Aubrey Rose Foundation Scholarship, complete the application form below.

Scholarship Application


In Aubrey’s three short years of life, she had affected quite a few people with her will to live and her beautiful smile. We would like for you to tell us how you have affected people around you in your life at your grade school and/or at home.

Students will be chosen from their written work and given a $500.00 scholarship to the private high school of your choice in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana area. These scholarships will be based on how you have made a difference in the lives of people around you.

Please complete the scholarship form below. Please make sure to use proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

All fields marked with an * are required fields. If fields are not filled in, the application is incomplete and will not qualify for this scholarship.

At the top of your essay document that you will attach below, please make sure you have it formatted with your name first, then a hyphen (-), and then your grade school you are attending, and then another hyphen (-), and add your high school that you would like to attend. Please do not put this information in a header format.

Please use Arial Font, Size 12, and BOLD and CENTER this heading for ease in identifying your specific essay. If you have multiple pages, please make sure to have this information on every page along with page 2 of 2 or however many pages your essay is. Below is an example of what your heading on your essay page should look like:
Nancy Hollenkamp – Our Lady of Victory – Seton High School
Nancy Hollenkamp – Our Lady of Victory – Seton High School, page 2 of 2
For your essay, please use Arial Font, Size 12, but do not bold nor center.

Do not submit PDF, Zip, or Google Doc files. If your essay is NOT in a Word Document Format, your application will not be accepted!

Use the following format for naming your Word Document file. Either .doc or .docx is acceptable.

ARFS-Year-Last Name-First Name.doc

For example: ARFS-2024-Hollenkamp-Nancy.doc

The scholarship application deadline is Friday, January 26, 2024, at 11:59 PM.


Max. file size: 250 MB.
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#9 for Annie Arengo
#10 for Johnathan Aull
#11 for Meghan Bain
#12 for Haley Bonecutter
#13 for Megan Fedor
                                #14 for Henry Joecken

Challenge Your Heart is a program where we ask our scholarship recipients (past and/or present) to participate. It’s not mandatory, but perhaps it’s something that you would like to do to help us help many more families and their children.

The concept is that you receive 75 envelopes and you try to get donations that equal the envelope. For example, for envelope #37, you get $37 in a donation or donations to total $37. If all 75 envelopes are filled with the corresponding dollar amount, you would raise $2,850.00!

#15 for Piper Patterson
#16 for Katrina Prewitt
#17 for Liliana Rivera-Torres
#18 for Nellie Tarbell
#19 for Cassie Whittle


This could help pay:

  • for a medical procedure for a child who has a brain tumor;
  • it could help fund chemo treatments for a cancer kid;
  • it could pay for an echo of a child’s unique heart;
  • it could finance a blood transfusion for a child with leukemia!


If you choose to participate in this Challenge, here are some incentives that you
could receive:

2nd place fundraiser …$500 towards your tuition (must bring in a minimum of $1,000)
3rd place fundraiser …$250 towards your tuition (must bring in a minimum of $500)
Anyone who turned in at least 5 envelopes will go into a drawing for …$250 towards your tuition (must bring in a minimum of $250)
Aubrey Rose Foundation

All 75 envelopes, filled or unfilled, need to be returned by August 26, 2022, at 5:00 pm.

Do you know one of the Challenge Your Heart participants? Do you want to help them meet their goal? If so, just CLICK HERE and you can donate online to their fund.