Scholarship Reception

The 2024 Scholarship Reception was held on June 5, 2024 at Aston Oaks Golf Course

Below are this year's Scholarship Winners

2024 Scholarship Winners


Here are our 2024 Scholarship Recipients:

Tyler Bollin St. Paul Covington Catholic
Chase Calvin St. Teresa Of Avila LaSalle
Ava Carmel Mother Teresa Bishop Fenwick
Jade Clark St. Catharine Of Siena Mercy McAuley
Elizabeth Cundall All Saints Mount Notre Dame
Wesley Durban St. Dominic Elder
Maya Gaskins St. Martin Of Tours Seton
Cole Hodgeman Our Lady Of Visitation Elder
Louise Hong St. Susanna Bishop Fenwick
Charlotte Huwel Our Lady Of Lourdes St. Ursula Academy
Lindsay Kinne St. James White Oak Mount Notre Dame
Abby Kroner Summit Country Day Summit Country Day
Aaralyn Lesch Royalmont Academy Mount Notre Dame
Emma Marks St. John The Baptist - Harrison Seton
Merrick Niehaus St. Pius X Covington Catholic
Noah Paff St. Antinous Elder
Lukas Rueve St. Jude Moeller
Megan Scheib St. Columban St. Ursula Academy
Leo Schmitz St. Ignatius Elder
Madeline Schurrer St. Ignatius St. Ursula Academy
Paola Spicuzza St. Cecilia Notre Dame Academy
Benjamin Swanson St. Gabriel Consolidated St. Xavier
Hannah Thomas Mary, Queen Of Heaven St. Henry District
Samantha Torres-Guzman Mary, Queen Of Heaven St. Henry District
Lauren Williams St. John The Baptist - Dry Ridge Seton


Photos from the 2024 Scholarship Reception

A pink heart with the words challenge your heart on it.

Challenge Your Heart

Congratulations to our new Scholarship Recipients for 2024! Being a part of our Scholarship Family, these recipients want to help us help children with life-threatening medical conditions!

Life’s about what we give, not what we get!  The 2023 ARF Scholarship Recipient are CHALLENGING THEIR HEARTS to give back! ARF has 81 critically ill kids that need over $1 Million in financial aid and they want to help – will you help them to achieve their goal?

They have taken 75 virtual envelopes and are determined to get a donation that equals each envelope (EG: a $37 donation for envelope #37).   If they get all 75 envelopes filled, they’ll have raised $2,850.00 which will really help a sick kiddo and their family!

Thank you very much.

2024 CYH Kiddos
Tyler Bollin Aiden5 year old boy
Chase CalvinEmma 17 year old girl
Ava Carmel Penelope6 year old girl
Jade ClarkOwen 10 year old boy
Elizabeth Cundall Zoe9 year old girl
Wesley DurbanDeclan 2 year old boy
Maya Gaskins Donald4 month old boy
Cole HodgemanNorah 6 year old girl
Louise Hong Luke10 year old boy
Charlotte HuwelKing 6 year old boy
Lindsay Kinne Payton6 month old girl
Abby KronerDarnell 11 year old boy
Aarayln Lesch Zofia8 year old girl
Emma MarksElleigh8 month old girl
Merrick NiehausKinsley4 year old girl
Noah PaffParker10 year old boy
Lukas RueveIzzy1 year old boy
Megan ScheibEver9 year old boy
Leo SchmitzConnor4 year old boy
Madeline SchurrerNatalie3 year old girl
Paola SpicuzzaCarter5 year old boy
Benjamin SwansonLily14 year old girl
Hannah ThomasElijah3 year old boy
Samantha Torres-GuzmanEric15 year old boy
Lauren WilliamsCohen3 year old boy

Sydney Bouldin

John Paul II

Mercy McAuley

Theresa Dennemann

Summit Country Day

Summit Country Day

Evelyn Joecken

St. Antoninus


Alexandra Morris

Mother Teresa Catholic

Ursuline Academy

Frank Nemeth


St. Xavier

Maggie Peters

St. Jude

Mt. Notre Dame

Emma Raley

St. Dominic


Joseph Ritter

Our Lady Of Victory

St. Xavier

Ashlynn Ruyak

St. Pius X

Notre Dame Academy

Leo Schmitz

St. Ignatius


Paola Spicuzza

St. Cecilia

Notre Dame Academy

Joseph Starkey

St. Dominic


Hannah Turner

Mary Queen Of Heaven

St. Henry District

Scholarship Recipient

Grade School

High School

Annie Arengo

All Saints School

Mt. Notre Dame High School

Johnathan Aull

Our Lady of Victory

Elder High School

Meghan Bain

St. Jude

Seton High School

Haley Bonecutter

St. Martin of Tours

Mercy McAuley High School

Megan Fedor

St. Pius X

Notre Dame Academy

Henry Joecken

St. Antoninus

St Xavier High School

Piper Patterson

St. Cecilia

Bishop Brossart High School

Katrina Prewitt

Our Lady of Lourdes

Seton High School

Liliana Rivera Torres

St. Susanna

Ursuline Academy

Nellie Tarbell

St. Teresa of Avila

Seton High School

Cassie Whittle

St. Dominic

Seton High School

Scholarship Recipient

Grade School

High School

Eden Arvay

All Saints

Mount Notre Dame

Catherine  Barron 

St. Dominic  

St. Ursula Academy 

Evan  Bizik

St. Susanna 

Archbishop Moeller

Anna Blair

St. Louis 

Notre Dame Academy

Macey Blanton

St. Michael  

Stephen T. Badin

Isabelle  Downey

St. Antoninus 


Dominic Dressman

St. Pius X

Covington Catholic

Anna Ehrnschwender

Mother Teresa 

Mount Notre Dame 

Zachary Gates

St. Joseph  

La Salle

Brooke Gavin

Our Lady of Victory


Emily Horton

Our Lady of Lourdes

St. Ursula Academy

Kenya Howard

Mercy Montessori

Mercy McAuley

Hope Isenogle

St. Ignatius


Noah Jeffreys

St. John the Baptist - Harrison

St. Xavier 

Eleanor Keenan

St. Gabriel 

Mount Notre Dame 

Titus Land

St. John the Baptist - Harrison

Archbishop Moeller

Marisa Poff

Our Lady of the Visitation


Aiden Rapien

Our Lady of the Visitation


Claire Ressler

Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Stephen T. Badin

Margaret Sanders

John Paul II   

Mount Notre Dame 

Cade Schreck

St. Ignatius

St. Xavier

Audrey Shisler

St. Margaret of York

Summit Country Day

Joseph Spaeth


St. Xavier

Aidan Stahley

St. Catharine of Siena

La Salle

Ava Stautberg

St. Bernard


Danielle Stenger

St. Vivian 

Roger Bacon

Elena Stone

Summit Country Day 

Summit Country Day

William Timmerman

St. Jude


Sarah Turner


St. Ursula Academy 

Abby Turnpaugh

St. Pius X

Notre Dame Academy

Addison  Vilaboy 

St. Susanna 

Mount Notre Dame

William Welge

St. Antoninus


Eli Wesner

St. Gabriel 

Stephen T. Badin

Josie Woods

St. Gertrude 

Ursuline Academy

Ashley Yontz

St. Francis de Sales

Bishop Fenwick 

The Scholarship Program and Reception was cancelled for 2021 due to Covid-19.


Olivia Anderson


St. Martin of Tours Mercy McAuley High School


Casey Beck


John Paul II St. Xavier High School


Madison Blair


Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary Bishop Fenwick High School


Bailey Broxterman


St. Dominic Seton High School


Gabby Burns


Sacred Heart of Jesus School Ursuline Academy


Joey Case


Blessed Sacrament Villa Madonna Academy


Kendle Coffey


Nativity Of Our Lord Mt. Notre Dame


Hope Cromer


St. Nicholas Academy Mt. Notre Dame


Shannon Dennemann


Summit Country Day School Summit Country Day School


Zachary End


Nativity of Our Lord St. Xavier High School


Benjamin Even


St. John the Baptist Dry Ridge LaSalle High School


Rachel Finke


St. Agnes Notre Dame Academy


Samantha Flowers


St. Paul School Notre Dame Academy


Dora Gehrum


St. Ignatius Mercy McAuley High School


Kara Heilers


St. Michael Mt. Notre Dame


Grace Hoffman


St. Susanna Ursuline Academy


Elise Kenney


Our Lady of Victory Seton High School


Liam Lakhia


St. Margaret of York Summit Country Day School


Adelaide Lindner


St. John the Baptist Dry Ridge Mercy McAuley High School


Isabelle Lonneman


St. Antoninus Seton High School


Evan Mescher


Immaculate Heart of Mary Summit Country Day School


Anna Perkins


St. Bernard Taylor Creek Roger Bacon High School


Olivia Radecki


St. Clement Roger Bacon High School


Christine Reinhart


All Saints St. Ursula Academy


Lillian Rhein


St. Aloysius Gonzaga Seton High School


Jessica Roell


St. John the Baptist Harrison Mercy McAuley High School


Lydia Rogers


Our Lady of Visitation Seton High School


Keira Schneider


St. Joseph Crescent Springs Notre Dame Academy


Maeve Schurdak


St. Vivian Mt. Notre Dame
Thomas Siemer St. Catharine of Siena LaSalle High School


Leah Tiberghien


St. Columban Mt. Notre Dame


Clara Venneman


St. Therese Holy Cross High School


Anna Vetter


Our Lady of Visitation Seton High School


Sam Whitmer


St. Teresa of Avila Elder High School


Roger (Will) Wilcox


Our Lady of Lourdes LaSalle High School


Molly Anthony


Mother Teresa Catholic Stephen T. Badin


Matthew Armbruster


St. Pius X Covington Catholic


Isabella Bass


St. Dominic School Seton


Samara Bill


St. Gabriel Consolidated Summit Country Day


Jolie Brausch


St. Columban Ursuline


Elana Bruns


Blessed Sacrament School Notre Dame


Abigail Byrum


St. Ignatius of Loyola Mercy McAuley


Jocelyn Carraher


St. Ignatius of Loyola Roger Bacon


Connor Curtin


St. Teresa of Avila St. Xavier


Hailey Doerflein


Our Lady of Victory Seton


Grace Durkin


St. Catharine of Siena Mercy McAuley


Dante Evans


St. Francis Seraph School Purcell Marian High School


Carly Feazell


St. Vivian Purcell Marian High School


Joshua Fieger


St. Antoninus Elder


Luke Fox


Our Lady of the Visitation Elder


Stephanie Garay


St. Michael Mount Notre Dame


Rachel Hennessy


Our Lady of Lourdes Mount Notre Dame
Kelsey Horst St. Ursula Villa Mount Notre Dame


Charles Isaac


St. Margaret of York St. Xavier


Emma Jordan


St. Susanna School Bishop Fenwick


Rebecca Kelhoffer


St. John the Baptist, Harrison Mercy McAuley


Mackenzie Kessans


Blessed Sacrament School Villa Madonna
Emma Lynch St. Clement Roger Bacon


Anna Marshall


St. Mary School Mount Notre Dame


Mia Meinhardt


St. Jude School St. Ursula


Mariah Mevers


Our Lady of Victory Seton


MacKenzie Milbourn


St. John the Baptist, Dry Ridge Mount Notre Dame


Mackenzie Mueller


John Paul II Catholic School Ursuline


Mary O’Connor


Immaculate Heart of Mary St. Ursula


Madison Quandt


St. Therese Holy Cross


Anna Catherine Sansalone


Summit Country Day School Summit Country Day


Olivia Thomas


Sacred Heart of Jesus Ursuline


Seth Trischler


St. Jude School Elder


Chloee Tucker


St. Dominic School Seton


Brooke Westerkamp


St. Veronica Mount Notre Dame


Isabel Alcorn


Blessed Sacrament Notre Dame Academy


Olivia Barclay


St. Paul St. Henry District


Breanna Bauer


Sacred Heart of Jesus Mount Notre Dame


Jack Bell


St. Joseph Covington Catholic


Nick Boerger


Holy Cross Holy Cross


Ryan Bollhauer


St. Mary LaSalle


Emily Brennen


St. Pius X St. Henry District


Kaleeyah Carson


St. Francis Seraph Seton


Caitlyn Clements


St. Clement School St. Ursula Academy


Lucy Cluxton


Our Lady of Lourdes Seton


Morgan Flanagan


St. Paul St. Henry District


McKenna Francis


St. John the Baptist – Dry Ridge Stephen T. Badin


Rylie Gavin


St. Ignatius Loyola Mother of Mercy


Leah Gingrich


Mother Teresa Catholic Ursuline Academy


Emma Godfrey


St. Jude Mother of Mercy


Trey Gronotte


St. Pius X Covington Catholic


Molly Hamilton


St. Bernard Roger Bacon


Grace Harris


Sacred Heart of Jesus Stephen T. Badin


Eleanor Hudepohl


St. Ursula Villa Ursuline Academy


Lauren Hunter


Our Lady of Visitation Mother of Mercy


Alivia Hyland


St. Gabriel Consolidated St. Ursula Academy


Maggie Jones


Our Lady of Victory Seton


Savoy Lackey


Seven Hills Middle The Seven Hills School


Emma Mastruserio


St. Catharine of Siena Mother of Mercy


Ian Meier


Our Lady of Visitation St. Xavier


Reece Niederhausen


Our Lady of Victory St. Xavier


Morgan Nuss


All Saints Summit Country Day


William (Will) Richards


St. Susanna Bishop Fenwick


Payton Robinson


St. Columban Ursuline Academy


Aleia Samuels


Corryville Catholic Consolidated Ursuline Academy


Logan Schneider


St. Teresa of Avila School Elder


Zachary Schulte


St. John the Baptist – Harrison St. Xavier


Abby Schultz


St. Cecilia Holy Cross


Zach Serra


St. Joseph St. Henry District


Abigail (Abby) Spencer


Nativity of Our Lord St. Ursula Academy


Izzy Baker


St. Susanna Bishop Fenwick


Daniel Baptist


Nativity of Our Lord Saint Xavier


Lincoln Bent


St. Pius X Covington Catholic


Savana Berehane


St. Catharine of Siena Mother of Mercy


Sara Black


St. Susanna Ursuline Academy


Catherine Broering


St. Ignatius of Loyola McAuley


Jack Bruggeman


Holy Family School Elder


Austin Combs


St. Dominic Catholic School Elder


Eve Cooper


St. William Seton


Elijah Darnell


St. Teresa of Avila Elder


Jasmine Eubanks


St. Francis Seraph School Seton


Kylee Fitzgerald


Our Lady of the Visitation Mother of Mercy


Elizabeth Horn


John Paul II Catholic School Ursuline Academy


Kirk Karbowsky


St. Gabriel Consolidated School St. Xavier


John Lawrie


St. Agnes School Covington Catholic


Alexa Ligons


Bethany School Mount Notre Dame


Leah McCall


John Paul II Catholic School McAuley


Aaron McCoy


Miami Valley Christian Academy Miami Valley Christian Academy


Alex McHenry


Holy Cross Elementary Holy Cross


Maia Menzer


St. Paul School St. Henry District


Mathias Mukasa


Bethany School Saint Xavier


Michael Mullins


St. Nicholas Academy Archbishop Moeller


Reif Richardson


St. Gabriel Consolidated School St. Xavier


Elsa Rothan


St. Bernard Taylor Creek Stephen T. Badin


Luke Sampson


St. Columban School Archbishop Moeller


Benjamin Schmerge


Summit Country Day Summit Country Day


Anna Schneider


Immaculate Heart of Mary Archbishop McNicholas


Mary Sebastian


St. Mary Hyde Park St. Ursula Academy


Nick Shappelle


Our Lady of Victory Elder


Grace Sunderman


Sacred Heart of Jesus – Fairfield McAuley


Ariyah Taylor


Corryville Catholic Purcell Marian


Brianna Taylor


Immaculate Heart of Mary McNicholas


Ryan Tressler


St. Jude School Elder


Elizabeth Wellbrock


Our Lady of Lourdes Mother of Mercy


Karys Whitehead


St. Columban School Ursuline Academy


Dawson Adams


John Paul St. Xavier


Mitchell Bailey


O L Visitation Elder


Gracie Bernhard


St. Agnes Notre Dame Academy


Drew Brown


O L Victory Elder


Victoria Childers


St. Gabriel Roger Bacon


Alexis Fee


Summit Summit


Tara Franke


Summit Summit


Daniel Freeman


St. Ignatius St. Xavier


Annie Gronotte


St. Pius-Ky Notre Dame Academy


Grace Hatfield


St. Joseph Newport Central Catholic


Julia Rosa Helm


Summit Summit


Grant Hemmer


St. Thomas-Ky Covington Catholic


Cecilia Horn


St. Catharine Mother Of Mercy


Lizzie Jira


IHM St. Ursula


Anne Marie Linstead


Holy Cross Holy Cross


Bob Luebbering


O L Victory Elder


Grace Miller


St. John/Harrison Elder


Jacob Monzel


St. Vivian St. Xavier


Carolyn Moon


CHCA St. Xavier


Ethan Nurre


St. Michael St. Xavier


Hudson Nuss


All Saints Summit


Maddi O’Connell


Mercy Mont St. Ursula


Hailey Oldfield


St. Paul St. Henry
Samuel Puthoff St. Columban St. Xavier


Jennifer Reckersrs


St. Susanna Bishop Fenwick
Qua’Lisea Roland St. Francis Seraph Depaul Cristo Rey


Sam Ross


St. Bernard Lasalle


Ryan Saupe


O L Visitation Elder
Kalynne Schuermann John Paul Ursuline Academy


Kate Sebastian


St. Mary St. Ursula


Shannon Seiler


St. Vivian Roger Bacon


Madeline Siegel


St. Aloysius Mother Of Mercy


Sarah Smith


All Saints Ursuline Academy


Taylor Woodward


St. Aloysius Mother Of Mercy
Sally Bishop Holy Trinity
Elizabeth Bunte Bethany School
Shannon Burdett Our Lady of Grace
Ruby Cimmarusti St. Susanna
Hanna Creighton St. James White Oak
Joseph Delamerced Summit Country Day
Claire Ellerhorst St. Catharine School
Jett Fields Holy Family School
Emily Giglio St. William School
Elizabeth Groh Our Lady of Victory
Natalie Hardig St. Pius X School
Helen Hesener St. Paul School
Sarah Horn John Paul II
Danielle Jacobs St. Dominic School
Taylor Kaeser St. Antoninus School
Jessica Klus Our Lady of Lourdes
Erin McLean St. Vivian School
Carmen Middendorf St. John-Dry Ridge
Rosalie Misleh St. Michael
Sami Moser Immaculate Heart of Mary
Braedy Murphy Our Lady of Visitation
Catherine Richards St. Susanna
Ben Rodell Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sarah Roell St. John – Harrison
Alexia Scholl Mercy Montessori
Beth Schweinberg St. Aloysius Gonzaga
Delaney Slattery Beautiful Savior Lutheran
Luke Stiles St. Columban School
Nick Sullivan St. Ignatius School
Alyssa Taylor Immaculate Heart of Mary
Ellen Thomas Cincinnati Christian Schools
Alexis Vandusen Blessed Sacrament School
Grace Watson St. Gabriel Cons. School
Madison Wiloite St. Agnes School


Noah Bonecutter


Julia Cardinal


St. Nicholas Academy


Laura Dykstra


Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy


Jennifer Fohl


St. John the Baptist – Harrison
Dane Franke Summit Country Day School
Emily Georgopoulos St. Vivian School
Brad Grossjean Miami Valley Christian Academy


Meredith Karbowsky


St. Gabriel School


Marina Lennartz


Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School


Anna Mechley


St. Ignatius School
Nicole Sidenstick All Saints School
Emma Wainscott St. Agnes School
Brooke Walters Our Lady of Lourdes
Karlie Auberger St. Ignatius of Loyola
Coire Ayres St. Agnes
Sabrina Barber St. Michael
Jacob Barford St. Ignatius of Loyola
Sydney Blum All Saints
Kateri Budo St. Nicholas Academy
Mary Coleman St. Ignatius of Loyola
Ellen Garbsch St. Aloysius Gonzaga
Samantha Gilbert Immaculate Heart of Mary
Taylor Helton Queen of Peace
Alec Hoelker All Saints
Bridgette Hunt Blessed Sacrament
Elyse Irwin Sacred Heart of Jesus
Haley Jordahl St. Columbian
Emily Kabalin Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
Kelly Luebbering Our Lady of Victory
Emma Maliborski Our Lady of Lourdes
Brynna Maxey Immaculate Heart of Mary
Adam McCoy Miami Valley Christian Academy
Emily Mormile St. Clement
Tyler Neel CSR Academy
Michael Nichols John Paul II
Abigail Nutter St. Dominic
Jacob Perrmann St. Antoninus
Regina Poynter St. Jude
Molly Reel St. Susanna
Elysia Ruiz St. Susanna
Sophie Sikora Mother Teresa Catholic
Myah Steffen St. Paul
Caroline Wall St. William



Allison Bailey

St. William


Meghan Baker


Immaculate Heart of Mary


Allyson Benz


St. Susanna


John Paul Bosse


St. Dominic


Nicholas Boucher


Villa Madonna Academy


Taylor Brokamp


St. Michael


Katie Brown


Cardinal Pacelli School


Sarah Crowley


Immaculate Heart of Mary


Rebecca Deburger


John Paul II


Elise Dermody


St. Michael


Bertram J. Dole, IV


St. Catherine of Siena


Sarah Doren


Our Lady of Lourdes


Jenna Fugate


St. Pius


Caroline Gallo


All Saints


Katelyn Harrell


Rapid Run Middle School


Abigail Hassert


Holy Cross Elementary


Jake Humphrey


St. Dominic


Jenna Kohler


Our Lady of Victory


Rachel Leanhardt


St. Ignatius


Natalie Luken


St. Aloysious Gonzaga


Gracie Mahaffey


St. Columban


Alex Marchionda


St. Columban


Jacob MacMahon


St. Ignatius


David Meyer


Our Lady of Victory


Bradley Murphy


St. Dominic


Samantha Neal


Mother Teresa


Ellen Neltner


St. Pius


Andrew Ney


St. Columban


Samuel Redd


St. Ignatius


Jacob Roth


Blessed Sacrament


Jacob Ruff


St. Jude


Audrey Seminara


St. Susanna


Alex Smith


St. Agnes School
Connor Steljies St. Susanna


Maria Torok


St. Dominic


Mollie Young


All Saints